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My Home Page

Dr Ranganathan Chithiraichelvan

Professor Emeritus

Areas of specialization

Horticultural Research and Extension

Agricultural Education and Management

Instructional Technology and Multimedia

Computer Applications in Agriculture

Awards and Recognition Details

Positions Held Details

Titles Offered

Area, production and productivity of Horticultural Crops

Importance of Horticulture

Classification and distribution of Horticultural Crops

Agroclimatic zones of India

Horticultural Division of ICAR

Grafting and Budding

Internet and World Wide Web

Ragging and its prevention

Plant growth regulators in Horticulture

Feeding nine billions in 2050

Production practices of mango, papaya, annona, fig, and pineapple


Agricultural Heritage

Fundamentals of Horticulture

My Publications List

Notes for II Sem 2018-19

Seed Dormancy

Seed Germination

Orchard Establishment

Pruning and Training

Pollination, Pollinizers and Pollinators

Fertilization and Parthenocarpy

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Irrigation Methods and Fertilizer Application

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